Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Diablo 2 1.13 - PTR is LIVE & Patch Notes


You can view the original post by bashiok if you follow the link: PTR is LIVE – Patch Notes & FAQ. This said, here is my personal post about the ptr that went live on December 10th, 2009.

- 1.13 PTR is LIVE -

Happily, after 9 month of wait that looked like eternity, we can now easily join and play on the 1.13 PTR. It is accessible from December 10th until Blizzard's dev team decide that is enough. It usually last for 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how many bugs they want to fix. Of course, I say "want" and not will because they will not fix every thing, they will only fix what is necessary. If you look at my 10 000 word post about the most requested featured for the patch 1.13 you will see there's hundreds of different bugs that can be fixed but only a very small amount have been fixed up before the PTR. I believe, they will or correct major bugs after the PTR or they will just not fix them. Both make me feel wrong. Eternity or delay pick your word.

How Can I join the PTR? You will have to select "ClassicBeta" as the realm you want to be on. If you can't see it, join another and then try again to join it. On the PTR, you'll have to create new characters. Accounts aren't movable on and from PTR. Characters created there stay there. BUT! What's funny is that you can hack or cheat on the PTR. It is allowed by blizzard. Of course hacks are limited there.
1. Gold xxxx
2. Level xx
3. waypoint 1

By typing those cheats in the chat box and by changing the xx by the numbers you want, you will enable them. the gold cheat give you more gold. The level cheat give you the level you want and the waypoint 1 hack give you all the waypoint of the act you are in. It is important to remember that it only gives you waypoint of act you have reached.

Here is a screen shot of "ClassicBeta": The Public Test Realm.

- 1.13 patch notes -

Like many of you I've been disappointed. For me, this patch is total failure, not even because they first failed to make it on time, not because they failed to add some cool new things like a "shared stash" or a "bigger stash" but because they told us they were giving us a "content" patch. Where is the content? All I can see so far is what happen when you complete the Den of evil quest. HinT: You are now able to respec both skills and stats 3 times for every character. That's cool. But hey, this take them what? Five minutes to add it? My point is that it's bullshit. Blizz's dev team don't fuckin care anymore about DII and they only want to be done with this as fast as possible. I understand them because it is a very old game and etc. BUT heck! Why they told us they were making a content patch, if all they did is adding a single little thing to the game? I'll stop to complain. Lets now talk about this stupid patch 1.13.

1. Something strange, cool or hard can happen in hell? Cool I can't wait til some one reveal it to the world!
Fixed an item dupe bug
. I suppose, I missed something here or maybe it is because my english is good as my chinese. ONLY 1 DUPE BUG? Right now I can tell you about 5 different bugs or exploit you can use to dupe in D2. I won't complain because the problem come from the game itself, so, if to remove the bug they should remove the game completly. It's cool that they have been able to remove 1!
3. Mephisto's minion don't give exp anymore. It's about time! No more level 80 in 30minutes. Hourraaaa!
4. One more cool thing, if I'm right I can say it like this: when you play windowed, your Diablo 2 appear to be "always on the top" which means you can't loose the focus on it.
5. Did I told you that you will now be able to play an Hardcore melee character? I tell you!
Removed Oblivion Knight's Iron Maiden curse

6. Respecialisation is now available!
7. High rune drop twice more often. It's still so far away of what we could need. Think about in 1 month how many Hr you can find. Now do the math: 0x2=?...0. It's still bad.
8. Amazon Immolation arrow is now pro! Lot + boost.
9. Paladin's blessed hammer skill no longer ignores the resistances of undead and deamons.
10. This one is my Favorite. I think they missed Something or they will revise it soon. It's too overpowed. Druid's werebear form now gain +15% damage from accros all rank!
11. Another one for the Werebear. 25 more percent in life! Thank. (I suppose 20k life wasn't already enough xd)
12. Sorceress's hydra skill is now something you can use again.

In conclusion, this **/*. There's no "content at all. There is almost no changes in the skills which was what I tough they would work the more. High rune are a bit now slightly more hard to find. Hopefully, they will one of those day release Diablo 3!!! Diablo 2 patch 1.13 PTR is now live!


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